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Welcome to Sonja Kabell!
Helping Protect Your Most Valuable Asset -- Your Health!

Welcome! Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you wish your clothes fit a little better? Have you lost and gained the same pounds over and over again? Wish you had your MOJO back? You’ve come to the right place! The most valuable asset we own is our health. Without it, we really do have nothing. But we often overlook just how important good health is. That’s where I come in. I’m passionate about helping YOU make positive choices for your health. I’m glad you are here!


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Winner of the Readers Choice Health Specialist Award 2014

Hello, I am Sonja Kabell and for over fifteen years I have been a health and wellness advocate. As the founder of Creating Healthy Lifestyles, my mission is to create easy ways for individuals and families to become and maintain their health. There are key components to optimal health for everyone and I believe that good nutrition, supplementation, activity, and awareness are essential for long-term success. A healthy body weight is critical!

As a Certified Weight Loss Consultant and with my years of experience working for two of the top industry leaders in weight loss (Weight Watchers® and Slimming World USA), I have developed a comprehensive, yet achievable, program to help you be slim and healthy.


For individuals, small groups, or families:

Private, one-on-one weight management consulting (in person or on-line)
Small group (up to 4 people) weight management consulting
Families Now ~ weight management consulting for the family as a whole

Services I provide:

Dietary guidance to help you establish healthy eating habits
Strategies on how to:
Shop for the right types of foods
Cook healthfully and easily
Eat healthfully on the go, when you have limited time
Enjoy social events while still making healthy choices
Help you stay on a healthy track during holidays

"Sonja Kabell helped me lose 40 lbs. Along with her encouragement and coaching, I lost the weight and feel better. I also love her supplements - they make me feel great and have more energy"

-- Yvonne

"Sonja really helped me make the changes I needed to be able to slim down and be more active. I recommend her to anyone!"

-- Gloria

"Sonja's natural ability to motivate and inspire is life changing. She has helped me changed from being the invisible women to a healthy, happy me.

-- Niki

"Sonja's knowledge and support is like no other. She has helped me reach my goals and put strategies in place to keep it off!" 

-- Cynthia